Planning an Event

We formed a group and brainstormed ideas and narrowed them down to two.

Idea 1
Music Competition

Idea 2
Open Music Night

We wanted to run an event that featured multiple musicians to throw us in the deep end, what better way to learn about planning an event than to deal with the stresses of change overs and absent performers.


1st choice – Worthing Pier Pavilion Related imageImage result for worthing pier




  • Nice open space
  • Bright and family friendly
  • Bar
  • All Equipment provided
  • Prime location

2nd choice – St Pauls

Image result for worthing st pauls

Image result for worthing st pauls







  • Big Venue
  • Centre of town
  • Attracts passers by
  • Known for hosting event with our college in the past
  • Family friendly

3rd choice – Bar 42Image result for bar 42 worthingRelated image




  • Student reputation
  • Open Late
  • Good connections with the college
  • All equipment provided


While Johnny, Owen and Monty were to think of a name for our event, I was to go talk to the manager of the Worthing Pier Pavilion (our 1st choice).

The man was very helpful however didn’t see their potential benefits for hosting our event, he told me that St Pauls or Bar 42 were probably our best options… The Pavilion would of also costed us a lot more than the 50 pounds provided by the college.

He also suggested for us to hold the event at College, but after some discussion we decided that people would be less likely to turn up, knowing it’s association with the college. It would be “less cool” as some might say.
Too much of a school disco vibe!

Next Johnny was in charge of contacting St Pauls (our 2nd choice), we communicated via email with the venue… however their response times were almost unbearable, and they seemed keen on our event but were very vague in their replies.

It got to Christmas time and they still hadn’t given us a definite response, so we contacted Bar 42 before it was too late. Within the next week we had a date set, and all we had left to do was concentrate on recruiting performers.
Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 1.35.35 PM.pngWe decided to call our event ‘Open Music Night’ it’s simple and explains the event.
Owen designed posters, flyers and I designed sign up sheets. We decided (to make it sound more professional) to make it featured by my music channel ‘Aux Asylum’.

We all went round college and practically put a poster and sign up sheet on every noticeboard in every department.
We spoke to performers and got a generous amount of names on our list, we continued to do this up until the event itself.

16810660_1645045198845678_1309443332_o.jpg16777029_1645045092179022_1833057129_o.jpgWe went to visit ‘Bar 42’ a week before the event, to see the equipment for ourselves, and take pictures for certain performers at their request.

16810965_1645044948845703_1908240721_o.jpgWe wrote up a timetable and sent it out to all the performers and printed out a few copies that we can put up and have to hand during the event16804560_1645044932179038_1949334138_o.jpg.


Our event was on the 31st January at 7.30pm, we started out by being criticized for bringing the wrong cable for the projector. Then we had to have Monty’s mum bring his keyboard from Portslade, as the college had double booked the one we were planning to use.
The sound man wasn’t very pleased with our nervousness.

We sound checked the bands of which all seemed to arrive at their allocated times we gave them, we heard rumors about 2 acts not turning up, but this was fine… because we underestimated the changeover times between acts. IMG_0067.JPG

There was a mishap where my phone had fallen out from my pocket into a crack in the stage, and alarm started to go off. This was during the third act and it was being picked up by the microphone. IMG_0061.JPGThis was overall a negative and caused by accidental carelessness, but on the plus side made everyone laugh and was a good ice breaker for the show.

We finished 5 minutes later than we planned, which was a great achievement in our eyes, everything had gone to plan with a few rough patches.

Overall, we were a bit sceptical before it began but we had a generous turn out and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We even had requests to hold another Open Music Night.
For improvement in the future, we need to be a little less nervous when talking to performers or the venue owners, we need to have more faith in our event.16776342_1645045045512360_488503827_o.jpg


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